The Last Evil

April, every year marks the permanent anniversary of Security Council Resolution on Western Sahara. These practices masterminded by the giants of the Security Council have always been unfairly tilted towards Morocco's interests.

The “Peace Plan” was surely imposed by Polisario Front struggle accumulated over 15 years after Spanish withdrawal. But the so-called West dominated international community’s involvement could, in the macro-historical perspective, be viewed as at least as calamitous, if not more. The understanding of the hugely manageable conflict of the Western Sahara was unknown to almost all the Western governments and their diplomats that they had no other mental patterns than the Cold War and, thus, casting the Polisario front as the evil, Morocco as an ally and free nation who ought to belong to them.

They assumed it was about Communism while Communism was just a vehicle for marshalling of war-fighting energies and profiteering of agonies from the Second World War. They considered that conflict was about stopping the expansionism of the communist Soviet bloc, reducing the conflict down to two parties, one good and one evil and that victory would succeed if they support the former and punish the latter. With a history like that – and more before then – it is no wonder that the West blamed everything evil on virtually all the movements of such a kind: ANC, MPLA, FRELIMO, etc….

With such a deficient intellectual diagnosis of Western Sahara’s issue, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the prognosis was ridiculously wrong and that the kind of final outcome of rewarding Morocco and humiliating the Soviets turned out catastrophic.

Today, with the decline of Communism, the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the end of the cold war and the whole caboodle, hostilities towards Polisario did not thaw out. The same governments still vehemently propping up Morocco even with the existence of some hawks like James Baker, Frank Ruddy and John Bolton who hardly tried to chirp in the republican flock. But the then rhetoric confrontation caused a rift that was almost impossible to fill.

The West antiquated and out of date considerations dominate up to-date all the treatments given to the Western Sahara issue and the Polisario movement. None did apparently mind to mull it around in his head. The Polisario is the last evil of such a history. Years, days and resolutions resemble each other, though; it’s probably just reflecting a reality that never really went away.

So what to account for the shift?

Nafaa Mohamed Salem

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