by Damin Haidar

Enough , enough , enough , as a people who have in vain sacrificed for almost four decades , we say today : enough , hold on .
As a people who have every ability to achieve everything they want , we say today : enough.
As a people who contain among them today other sons , other men , other woman who are many times more able to lead these people , we say today: enough .
As a people who have within him the contradictions , the good and the bad , we say to the bad today : enough .
As a people who cannot accept any more that some persons who love their country so much but cannot serve it in 21 century as they did before , we say today: enough .
As a people who have found out the inability of those persons to show some wisdom in the governance of SADR people , we say today : enough .
As a people who know that SADR government can no longer face morocco policy because of the special interests within our institutions , we say today enough .
As a people who are conscious of the fact that we are divided on many tribes but also aware of the irreversible unity that SADR provide ,we say today enough , enough to those of our government who never hesitated to use this lens to get profit at the expense of our destiny despite the fact that they did too much to defend SADR when they were young standing in the face of Moroccan military troops but now all of us know that they aren’t the same , from the president to the prime minister to the rest of the government .
As students of SADR who agreed to gather knowledge to serve our country and our people , we can’t accept the injustice within us as a people nor the colonist forces on our territory and for as long as we live , we will never allow this to happen even if the government in refugees camps is ours and its members are persons that we know well , but our destiny is the first , and anyone who doesn’t serve our people as best as he can is not needed , but the problem within our government is not that the members will not or cannot serve the people despite that they have the will and are provided of all means but it is that they aren’t this time’s men ,the majority of them assisted the SADR’s birth and participated in ELKANGA battle 1973 and the rest are just some fellow citizens younger but have no goal about the destiny of our people , none of them has ever said ‘no’ to any of the special interests achieved at the expense of their people , so they are not different of the older ones . The question posed by any students when he is well educated about the history of his country  is why this persons are still there , why don’t our people say to them at once enough? ,again as a student, and I am not alone of my brothers , friends of students on this opinions , we have seen lot of times how angry Sahrawi people about this government that serves but itself , we saw demonstrations before principals institutions in RABOWNI , we stood and listened and talked to many of our people , men , women , young people , old men and women, grandfathers and grandmothers and they all agree that this government has never served as it should the Sahrawi people . So what makes it more able than all these people to stay at the Governance Place of this people ? ,here is the response : before SADR members become members of the government ,t hey are sons of Sahrawi people and they know the chiasm that exists between our tribes because of the ignorance that dominates within our people and especially the old ones,s o they take it as a ride to stay with power ,the tribalism is their means of governing , serving ,and solving social problems but the goal is nothing more nothing less than a profit and special interest . Brief , the problems we think they  always try  to solve are problems provoked by them and that contribute to the erosion of Sahrawi people , we hear many times some of them say no to Tribalism but they hold in their hearts nothing but it , we hear them say we serve our country as we did before and after seas fire for 3 years but sorry not now , now they look only for their own interests and the majority of our people think that when they say no to any step made by this government , it is like if they become on the side of Morocco policy but wrong , wrong because the choice here is not between Morocco and our bad government , our destiny is sacred and it depends on what we provide as people and our sacrifice , so when we let our government do whatever it wants thinking that we do the right thing for our destiny , we make mistake , when we use a blind reaction to its political and social mistakes ,it widens the gap of no good governance that this government have always put in place ,when we and especially students and cultured part of our people give up on their people because they think aren’t able to face the injustice embedded inside of this government , that means that this government has more injustice to show in the next years , when the persons who has always served diligently their people are put aside and the cultured persons aren’t needed ,it means that change must be made , in fact it must have been made many years ago , when our people say baldly ‘enough’ , it means that it is enough.

Injustice must be faced by justice and Sahrawi people will not face injustice from the both sides, one side is Moroccan colonization, and the other side is  a bad government of their own , it is too to face but Sahrawi people have always shown that truth which is our destiny that is untouchable .

So enough.

Damin Haidar
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