Note of Condolences On Fidel Castro Ruz

by Nafaa Mohamed Salem

Dear comrades,

I am inexperienced and out of practice in comforting people in grief and offering them solace.

But here I am sending my sympathy during these hard moments and whereas there's no time limit on sympathy I also extend it day-in and day-out as the Revolutionary Cuba continues to exist.

Fidel's legacy is evident in the formidable strength and success of the Polisario Front and its militants as they reach this milestone.

Fidel left behind a wonderful legacy. For all time, his values will live on in the memories and thoughts of thousands of Saharawi doctors, teachers, engeneers and militaries that he was instrumental in training.

May Fidel rests in peace. May we who remain find much strength and inspiration from the life of this great man and his achievements.

Nafaa Mohamed Salem

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