Will non violence movements open the way to the self-determination in Western Sahara?

 by Damin Haidar

It has become clear to all that Morrocan authorities now fear the morale force of non-violence movements on the streets of Western Sahara’s occupied cities more than the power of Polisario Front and any other nation, and we know that neither violence nor repression can put end to that kind of  movements , for the recognition of history tells us that truth , those movements come out of the simple truth that Morrocan authorities have never hesitated to deny, and  which is the self-determination of those men and women who use the morale force of non-violence to express what they believe and think , the self- determination of Western Sahara’s people  is the only outlet for Moroccan authorities  and that must be through a fair and  just referendum and if they think that the violation of human rights in Western Sahara might make them withdraw , they are wrong , for if that were true , they would have succeeded before .
All of us recognize that both sides seek peace and stability but also both sides realize the hard truth that peace entails sacrifice and peace is rarely achieved and it is also the recognition of history that speaks here , Morocco has followed that peace through many ways which have always been intransigence and the rejection of all the plans of peace that UN and UA present and those ways are always destructive and undermine the past agreements , on the other hand , Polisario Front has never said no to any plan presented by UN , UA and Moroccan side as long as those plans will give way to the application of the self-determination  for  Sahrawi people and that is why we see but a stalemate .
When cease fire took place in 1991 and MINURSO came to Western Sahara in 1992 then the agreement of engaging in negotiation with Polisario Front conforming to the resolution of UN 3734 3437 in 1979, in April 2004 Morocco refused to negotiate about the self-determination because it doubt in the sovereignty of Morocco on Western Sahara territory. In October, UN secretary responded by rejecting this position from Morocco which had agreed before and then three years after  that rejection , in 2007, Morocco came with a new suggestion which is the autonomy and this suggestion isn’t different of  the position that calls for the integrity of Western Sahara territory to Morocco . Now, five years have gone by since those negotiations began at Manhasset  without finishing up with any solution .
The determination of Sahrawi people’s destiny is the only concern for both sides, Polisario Front fights for it while Morocco fights against it.

Damin Haidar
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Damin Haidar dijo...

the UN resolution is 3437 -1979- and not 3734.sorry.it says that Morocco must end its military occupation to western sahara and engage in negotiation with Polisario Front.