The next Congress of the Frente POLISARIO

by Assarih Ahmed

No body could ignore the positive achievements in all the fields that FRENTE POLISARIO with the will of our people has achieved since 1973 for the people of Western Sahara, besides taking a large scale battle in the past militarily and now politically to liberate our country from the Moroccan invasion.

The majority of the Saharawis have no objection that we still have a consensus on the liberation and the independence of our country. We are also against the Moroccan proposal of giving Western Sahara an autonomy Status, simply because our country is not a part of Morocco, but Morocco can give the Autonomy Status to the Rif region or other parts of the Kingdom. The UN and ICJ have reaffirmed our right.

POLISARIO was a very organized movement; it had well organized refugee camps, safe and clean. The food distribution, sanitation, education and the administration in the refugee Camps were a model. This was a testimony of many foreigners who have visited the camps. The organization invested in the people at the beginning. Great importance was given to the education, thanks to this policy now we have many graduated peoples in all fields. On the Military field although the Saharawis are few people but Morocco with all its armaments and his allies support could not defeat POLISARIO in the Military Field. In the Diplomatic Field Polisario could take the cause of Western Sahara to all the parts of the World, the Saharawi Republic ( S.A.D.R.) could get the diplomatic recognition from 82 Countries in all over the world and the S.A.D.R. is a member of the African Union. POLISARIO has Representations in all Europe. In the United Nations Morocco could not impose his plans to solve the issue of Western Sahara. But unfortunately all these achievements have suffered a lot of setbacks in the last years because of the internal problems inside the organization, Corruption, tribalism, injustice and many others.

The situation now in the Camps, less food for the refugees you have to buy the food in addition to what is given to you or you will starve and most of the time you do not have money, water is not enough especially in summer when the heat reaches 48 C, sometimes you have to wait 10 days to get it and sometimes it is sold to you, less importance is given to education and health care, you can find many children are not studying, the attention which is given from the administration to solving the daily life of the people is very weak. Many young peoples try to find the opportunities to go abroad to work and help their families in the camps to satisfy the daily needs. Recently UNHCR says WFP says malnutrition rates are high. Nearly a third of children under six have stunted growth and two-thirds are anaemic.

In February/March 2005, a WFP/United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) nutrition survey found that an "alarming" 66.4 percent of women of childbearing age had anaemia, a rise from 47.6 percent in 2002.

In March 2005, a group of European Parliamentarians visiting the refugee camps also found that malnutrition, anaemia and stunted growth in children had increased as a result of diminishing aid.

And in February 2007 the situation still looked bad. A mission of U.N. health experts found "dire" conditions in the camps. Dangerous levels of malnutrition among children, as well as widespread anaemia, poor hygiene and high maternal mortality rates were some of the problems they encountered.

Malnourished and anaemic children are more likely to die of childhood diseases, have poor mobility and difficulty learning at school. Anaemic women are more likely to die in childbirth, according to the World Health Organisation.

The daily life now in the camps is not like 10 years before, the food that was given was enough, the peoples they do not know money, now the food not enough and the families have to find an other sources to satisfy their needs.

The Saharawi still with POLISARIO as a movement and objectives, but many of us against some resposables in the movement, who dot have our credibility any more, because their wrong doings were the responsibles of the problems that we are facing right now, such kind of persons will achieve for us nothing, contrary they will take us to the disintegration.

The POLISARIO now has the experience of 34 years; it should make great scale reforms in all the fields to continue its battle for the liberation of our Country, which is the main objective of the Saharawi people. The next Congress of the movement must be a station of real reforms, giving more opportunities to youth and women, it should launch a campaign against injustice and corruption in all its kinds, bring the corrupt to the courts, who ever might be, the scandal of our Embassy in South Africa, the other scandal of ex- ambassador to Algeria, who actually just receiving a big budget and doing nothing, the scandal of the visas section in our Embassy in Algiers, visas are sold not by the Counsel but the one who is in charge of the visas section, the scandal of the governor of Auserd and many others should not be ignored.

If we assess the S.A.D.R. Institutions work now we find:

Ministry of Educations
- Many children not enrolled in the schools
- The zeal of teachers is weak, since they are not satisfied with the symbolic salaries they are getting.
- There is no great importance given by the families to teach their sons
- The level of education given is very weak.

Ministry Health
- Less medicine than before
- less health care for the refugees
- Doctors are not satisfied with the symbolic salaries given to them.
- Many doctors got the opportunities to work in Spain and they left the Camps.

Ministry of Cooperation
- Get projects from NGOs some of them are done and other no one knows about them.
- Not transparent
- The projects of Co-operation not felt in the camps, there aim should be relieving the suffering of the refuges.

Ministry of Transport
- Each year we get in the Camps many buses and trucks that could solve the problem of transportation inside the Camps, but there are no vehicles or programmes for this.
- Transports the food supplies from Rabuni to the Camps.

Ministry of Construction
- Has no work, since the construction work recently is given to the private sector.

Ministry of Development
- Has no service for the refugees, better to be omitted in the next Government
Ministry of Commerce
- Has no service for the refugees, better to be omitted in the next Government

Ministry of Supply
- Supplies the institutions of the state with materials
- Many of its material can easily found in the market.

Ministry of Defense
- Weakness in the spirit of readiness
- The chieves of Military regions are Owner of the region, the supplies and live stock in the regions instead to be used to solve the problems of its personal in the region, the chief do what he likes to it. Not fair.
- Many soldiers have gone from the army to find source of money.
- Weakness in the general programmes of the Army.

Ministry of External Affaires
- Could do more things
- There is not clear Strategy for work
- The priorities not know, In United States of America you find one representative and in Mozambique you find two representatives, or in Spain you find 30.
- The Central of MEA is very weak and its personnel is not qualified
- Some cases of Corruption especially in the SADR Embassy in South Africa, Algiers the visas section.

The Ministry of the Occupied Territories and the Saharawi Community abroad
- Should strengthen the struggle in the occupied territories.
- Should have some real planes to solve the problems of the Saharawis abroad

The Parliament:
- It role is legislative
- Has no real work right now
- Asses the work of the government but in some occasion the President Abdel Aziz Stood before the parliament defending inefficient Ministers, since that time the Parliament has been paralyzed

The Mass organization

The Youth Organisation
- Could do more things
- It has no programmes for the youth in the Camps.

Women Organisation:
- Has some planes and projects for women in the camps, it should be promoted
- The have some actions abroad

The Workers Union
- Nothing at all.

- The organization should strengthen the struggle of our people in the occupied territories; to keep on unveiling the grave violations of Human rights committed by Morocco against our people there.
- Strengthening the staff of the diplomacy, and to be given economical support to do their job, since the battle now is in the diplomatic field and in the occupied territories.
- Strengthen the S.A.D.R. Institutions, there should be strict law.
- Strengthen the administration in the refugee camps, through courses abroad and local conferences to solve the day to day problems of the people.
- The projects of Co-operations should be transparent, to know what has been done and the reasons for not achieving the others.
- To create a mechanism to control the achievements of the projects for the benefit of the peoples.
- To create jobs for the peoples through projects that can be financed by NGOs, why not to build factories and farms in the refugee camps and in the liberated territories and to start giving salaries, better than just they keep waiting.
- Create more professional Centers to make qualified people.
- Give more responsibilities to the youth and Women
- Paying Attention to solve the problem of the Health Care and Education.
- Paying more attention to the justice Department
- Giving more attention and priorities to the victims of war, sons and the wives of Martyrs in everything, it is one of the ethics of our revolution.
- Any case of Corruption should be brought to court

We all believe in free Sahara
If we want to overcome our problems we should have the political will to criticize ourselves, to be credible and law must be above all not above some ones and under others.

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