Trinidad Jimenez, a sick lady

by Assahrawi Mohsalem

Four decades ago Felipe Gonzalez, along with the PSPOE, reported the toppling of the dictatorship in their country, and proclaimed an era of justice and liberty for all the people.
What a difference four decades make.
Indeed, Trinidad Jimenez, one of the main architects of the Spanish-Moroccan rapprochement and a "Socialist hawk" who is largely discredited since being head of the foreign policy, is regularly given coverage in the Moroccan official media, in the same way that her cunning pro-Saharawi sign is sought out intermittently in order to provide "balance". She does it very often and at the expense of the foreign policy credibility of her country.
In this cold fall, in her black mini-skirt, Trinidad Jimenez has chosen Morocco as a perfect place instead of her office in Madrid to called upon the UN to reconsider security measures for aid workers in the refugees camps and side by side with the Fehri of Morocco.
This is bad politics and even worse history. Bad politics because it suggests that maybe there is some way of redressing or slightly improving the situation of the "Saharawi cause" without dismantling the whole occupation structure and the organisation of a free and just referendum. Bad history because it reinforces the common view that history is all "one damn thing after another". In the present context, blame can be placed on those who, like Trinidad Jimenez, argued for privileged relations with Morocco, ignoring evidence against its illegal occupation, lied to win over media and voters, and now cry crocodile tears over insecurity in the Saharawi refugees camps.
All this would be bad enough if they gain power again. Now the same distortions and lies, the same threats of abandoning the Saharawi legitimate struggle, are being made. Just remember when you hear her that there is a history: not just of the unaccomplished promises for the Saharawi people, but one dating back more than 35 years of political sickness. No wonder it's still going so badly wrong.

Assahrawi Mohsalem

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