The other subset

by Assahrawi Mohsalem

After a long waiting ordeal, the PSOE left and the PP came in. As a subset of the Western Sahara conflict, Spain's most famous political parties' voters offered a wry and defeating conclusion; nothing has changed and nothing will change. Simply, if any Spanish political force cared, wouldn't it have applied its power in the past? The aspirations to a right and an equitable solution to the question of the Saharawi people remains in its place and Morocco continues unimpeded in its quest to obtain a full control on Western Sahara, and no external or internal force is prepared to halt the endeavor and the eventual derail of the international community consensus over our inalienable rights, thrusting, thus, the Saharawis into an ongoing crisis. It is doubtful that the presently victorious PP will modify its preferences - aligning itself with the western nations- and not integrating into its historical, moral and ethical responsibilities.

A Western blessed Arab Spring, which has brought the Muslim Brotherhood to credible invocation in Egypt and Libya, and allowed those of similar characteristics to gain acceptance and popularity in Tunisia and in Saudi Arabia, heighten these insinuations. It's a U turn in positions and politics of those who advocate for the tyrannical regime in Morocco. Why the Saharawis continue to be an exception?

Our agony recedes from international conscience and from the embers of this dead conscience arises the greater concern. The closer the Saharawis get to achieving nationalist aspirations through political acceptance of UN plans, the more intense becomes their conflict with collective bargaining of the Moroccan western allies mainly France. That trend has happened, and with it the conflict's trajectory becomes predictable.

We hope the main subset do something, The Polisario Front

Assahrawi Mohsalem
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