by Damin Haidar

 It’s been thirty-nine years since POLISARIO Front was founded, that was western Sahara people’s choice ,a choice that the only who has the legitimacy to speak their minds is the movement they have confidence in, because they know that it was a consequence of their strive and nearly for four decades   this movement has been their voice in this world ,defending them ,representing around the world , attracting attention to their fair cause and organizing their life within refugees camps and inside both occupied and freed territory .when we look back to the course of these four decades ,we deduct  that POLISARIO Front has never wavered in defending and serving these people no matter what the cost might be and western Sahara’s people still haven’t changed their mind despite the fact of Moroccan government ‘s temptation to make the world see this movement through a black lens so that it can be considered as a secessionist movement and when they failed to prove so, they moved to the worldview of terrorism and tried to accuse it to have ties with Al-Qaida but they failed too .today in this age, Moroccan government seeks a new outlet to this cause so the result can be theirs ,but what has always been unclear to Moroccan government is that the only outlet is that there is no outlet but these people’s independence and POLISARIO Front is the leader of these people . Moroccan government’s temptations to deform this movement   or even to see its demise is never the end of these people ‘s strive for independence because there will be some other PLISARIO Fronts that will successively emerge ,striving for the freedom of these people and reflecting their will .on May ,10  1973 ,POLISARIO Front took its leadership  and has historically been led by tow of our leaders ,from the martyr ALWALI to the president of SADR today MED ABD ALAAZIZ  and western Sahara people have always shown allegiance to the flag of SADR headed by POLISARIO Front   ,yes there may be some contradictions between our people about the leadership but they also recognize that our diversity in minds has been the source of enormous strength.

Damin Haidar 
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