par Nafaa Mohamed Salem

We do not consider a Quid pro Quo - Autonomy  in particular - a real base for negotiations. Simply because half-truths are lies and to be 'half free' is to be enslaved.

Our rationally bounded aspiration point is a free Western Sahara. The middle is a bargaining option where you “give some and gain some” which is not our zone of possible agreement (ZOPA).

The nibbling tactic used to bite into the rights of the Saharawi people has munched its way from rights as undeniable to a  merely perceived to a simply thought as possible. And as time goes by, we will be told at the end of the day: It’s just the way things are,  or: Time heals everything.

It is as clear as day that the situation no longer can be shunned or at least it is foreseeable that, in the least favourable case, no longer can be addressed effectively. But we are not at yard sale, so we assume that there is something non-negotiable though. OUR LAND. It is a principle that reigns supreme.

We may help the UN and Morocco by maximizing our bargaining prowess in negotiations, but we do not allow any ill-conceived move that will make us suffer an everlasting perilous consequences.

In a nut shell, while circumstances might encourage or even mandate compromise on a position, we never can compromise on a principle. Never.

Nafaa Mohamed Salem

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