We are not in safe hands

by Nafaa Mohamed Salem

Are we conducting a peace process in Western Sahara, or are we, paradoxically, reconducting it to a new process of the conflict?

The Western Sahara settlement process has been put since the begining in Western hands. Despite the fact that so many years have elapsed, this process remains as never before ill-timed.

There is no need to delve into modern history and dip into its briefs to find out the kinks. These hands belong to countries which have not fought each other since 1954 and no interstate wars have been waged between countries in Western Europe since the end of World War II and of course no interstate wars have been brought about since 1945 between major developed countries anywhere in the planet.

This is to say that wars had been displaced away from the West and the richs into the poor nations where we, the Saharawis do really belong. It is logical, therefore, that we take this handling with a grain of salt.

Thus far and to the extent that the Western Sahara process develops in that direction, the greed of these powers may yet bring about an all-out war to the region.

Nafaa Mohamed Salem

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