Ross sank my dream

by Alif Daoud

As the fame of Christopher Ross recedes, speculations on his deeds grow; and for bad reason. A cursory look at his start-of-office stats impress the casual observer, just to name few: slow actions, informal rounds of negotiations, hosting remote island. More detailed analysis reveals a contradiction: Ross's initiatives had little to do with the settlement Plan, and his policies started the Western Sahara question on its road to eventual political stress and set the stage for an everlasting stalemate.

Ross failed to sustain the momentum for the process initiated in the 1990s and he added more technical and political barriers than any envoy since Mans. Ross showed scant regard to his predecessors, wreaked havoc in the with original plan and left the helpless Saharawis emasculated and vulnerable.

And now we come to the most often cited lack of success of Ross's policies: Administrative stamina and History. Ross seems quiet clueless regarding the history of the region despite serving ten years as ambassador in the neighbouring Algeria. Just because, likewise American diplomats who base their thinking on relics of the cold war- after engaging in counterproductive conflicts in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, and creating havoc in Nicaragua, Somalia, Caribbean Islands, Central America, and a host of other places by supporting unpopular leaders and governments- and in a tendentious reading of history they are headed towards jockeying to save their ally kingdom of Morocco.

Although Ross policies can be shaped so that Morocco becomes a constitutional monarchy and a force for peace, the present trajectory of his plans and policies tends towards another counterproductive and destructive engagement. In its descriptions of what constitutes a malevolent movements, the U.S. State Department defines itself. By demolishing the myths that U.S. governments dramatize, we can more clearly observe a path for peace and stability in the Maghreb and a just solution to Western Sahara Conflict.

We came to the conclusion that it was not very reliable to put so much weight on the
American approach to the Western Sahara issue.

Ross egregious blunders and missteps are lamentable and the Saharawis scruples are understandable. With no solution insight, my expectations and those of my children are dashed. Ross sank our dream.

The day Ross and his ideas will be consigned to the ash heap of history will come.


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Anónimo dijo...

The solution of the Saharawis' suffering relies on their own hands...not in the will, luck or reputation of any envoy no matter he comes from; USA, France, UN or Mars... The only thing we really need is renewing or reforming our leadership so it stands by the nowdays speech and changes...

Anónimo dijo...

I agree with this opinion. Christopher took us to the first square. I cannot imagine that we were negotiating some details in the celebration of the referendum and now we are trying to hold some indirect negotations in an forgotten island. It is true that the solution relies on our hand, but we have put it in the hands of the Yankees who apparently were not honoured by that. But I tell you the Yankees don't mind because they still condier us stupid goddamned communists.

Anónimo dijo...

Ross is not "better" or more "influential" than his predecessor, J. Baker III

Current negotiators on behalf of Polisario are not "smarter" than their predecessors from early 90s ...

Polisario itself (himself) is getting weakened internally, due to
" incomprehensible" decisions of their leaders!!. (they burned down all their cards! no longer have a strong card in their hands now)

even protests in "Gdyim izyk" they could not "use" it in undergoing negotioation process.

let see if the saharawis are able to come up with something constructive during the next Congress, or will be the "old songs" and "same old singers"
hope the best for saharawis

Anónimo dijo...

The realization of our dreams are not depend on the will of Ross or any one else. Our commun dream will be relize through our hands and our will. I am sure that we pass the last miters of the tunnel.
I am optimistic and I have faith in my people.
The history reassures us that the conflicts that broke out between a regime (the Makhzen in this case) and a the people (Sahrawi), always end with the people winning. It is a rule that knows no exception.

Castellano dijo...

Yep, for several years, Sahrawis had rely on north-american mediators (Baker, Ross...), thinking that they are more neutral that others. That had been proved as a lie, as the USA is backing Morocco, not as much as France, but wouldnt made nothing that could be interpretated as against the Moroccan regime. As the first commentary stated, the solution aint in the hands of USA, UN, France, Spain...but in the hands of the Sahrawi people.