What role must the union of students play?

by Damin Haidar

In order for our union to be one of the most important uprights on which the hope of our people must be built , we must direct our efforts to strengthen it and make it the guide and redeemer and benefactor of our people .As we look back and see what role the scholar has played in society we find that students have historically shaped the form in which people must always be ,and they have always provided the other stages of society with ladders of prosperity while embracing the complexities of it and getting them disappeared . the holder of knowledge must be aware of the world in which he lives and he must collect all the outcomes of the facts that happened before while holding in his heart his love of country and the hope that he will be free some day and for SADR scholar ,our entire independence will soon be shaped .precisely, that is what Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote in his book ‘Selected Essays’ «the scholar is that man who must take up into himself all the ability of the time and all the contributions of the past and all the hopes of the future»
Our union must be strong enough to reflect the issue of our people with confidence in them and an abiding belief in the ultimate triumph of human liberty , for the only stake we have in hands today is young people and particularly students . In this century and in a world , in which independence can only be obtained and imposed by people themselves more than military forces , we need to build bridges with our students in our occupied territory and around the world , our students in our occupied territory must do their part through protests and struggles , on the streets and in the universities , even through a civil disobedience , and even if that entails risk and great sacrifice but the reality that none can deny is that freedom requires costs unimaginable to those who taste and enjoy it . And our people around the world should do so in order to make the world hear the reality in which our people live today (we are scattered and separated on earth ;the overwhelming majority has been suffering under the brutal regime of Moroccan authority for almost half a century and the others have lived in Tindouf ever since with the lake of basic services while the help they get from Algeria and many other humanitarian organizations) and that will occur merely if students get beyond some gaffes that still exists today without unmasking its culprits , divisions that have been passed on to some students by the earlier generation whose mistakes do stretch before us today, culture of special interests which has also been inherited from many of those who came before us , students union must manifest in our hearts before it becomes words we speak and it must be headed by persons having the capabilities needed to meet the demands of students and our people and who are able to lead on the path towards the independence , for if we want to make our students in our occupied territory do their duty ,we must do it first , we must show fairness in dealing with issues of our students here and broad and with our people for that is the only way to put transparence on the table and then all our students particularly those who are in territory occupied will share us the same vision that our entire independence depends on our work together and we will keep striving to get it and make our people more free and prosperous .I have just said that divisions must be eliminated within some segments of students because it does exist and to simply ignore it without understanding that it is a point of strength for our enemies only help them be always more able to defeat our desire . We know that it is possible for our students to be the beacon in our pursuit of independence because they can bring all the realities of history which could propel our nation to be sovereign between nations in the world ,we are not the first to be under occupation ,we are not the first whose women and men and children have been jailed , tortured and murdered , Algeria saw that before and suffered a lot but they ultimately freed their country with the sacrifice and devotion to country of its young men and women like Elaarbi ben Mhidi and his friends, even Europe knew the march of tyranny that left so many scars and ruins during world war II and it did not prosper until it did get free and the reality that we can get out of all what happened is that we must never surrender or retreat and that is what Winston Churchill affirmed on the day that Europe was freed «in the long years to come ,not only will the people of this island but of the world ,wherever the bird of freedom chirps in human hearts ,look back to what we have done and they will say ,do not despair ,do not yield ,march straight forward».
Thirty six years ago, on February, 27 a band of patriots and students headed by the martyr Alwali gathered and launched the birth of SADR and despite the several temptations of the enemies to defeat them ,they did it and kept going on . Alwali and his company could have walked away and said no way that it was impossible for them to beat the enemy while he had such a powerful means but they did not they sought out allies in their pursuit of freedom and independence and they found them because they were and are always ready to launch that beam of liberty wherever people begin to rise and shout and cry out for justice and because they were too aware of the reality of their time and the truth they held that our people will never prosper and enjoy freedom unless they govern themselves by themselves under the law they themselves constitute. So today there must be the same thing , students do whatever it takes to help their people free themselves from colonialism in 2012’s world.
The people are our major concern and our belief in the ultimate triumph of human liberty is our source of hope.
Damin Haidar

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