Missed opportnity

 by Nafaa Mohamed Salem

Multiple and frequent misachievements have been taking place in formal Spanish deal with the Western Sahara question where successive governments , whatever their political leanings, failed to help solve this problem where politics took extremist directions, and the entire state institutions, with varying sincerity and commitment set out therein, performed poorly, paying a lip service in the best cases.

In few words, the performances of Spain have been disappointing, and this attitude risks to undermine the legitimacy of its official compromises to Western Sahara and to the Saharawis by prioritizing slim economic returns rather than its public engagement.

Today, we observe the emergence of a new type of political parties and tendencies, which represents a challenge for the Spanish politics’ mediocrity and its zigzag nature. This dysfunction has led so extremely to the birth of new identities from extreme right to extreme left headed consecutively by Santiago Abascal and Pablo Iglesias.

In other words, this historical shift has opened the way to a very controversial electoral debates, dividing the Spanish society in a clash of values and ethical judgments. As a consequence, these identities will substantially transform functions, powers and roles of national and local governments and policy-makers. The main consequences of this parallel shift are in terms of deviation from traditional sources of governing (socialist and Popular parties). Even tough they are not likely to win, they will be absolutely key to form coalitions.

As it was predicted, the pre-election debate has centred on fiscal and financial policies, labour standards, environmental regulations, feminism, taxation and, of course, corruption.  But sadly, almost nothing was said on foreign policy and more importantly no single word was pronounced on Western Sahara.

Now the campaign is over. No constraints were made on the candidates and the voters were left aside. Hence, we failed, once again, in our primary mission, that is to re-introduce the question of Western Sahara in the heart of the Spanish politics and to involve its makers in an electoral broadcasted campaign commitments and have them express publicly their attitudes.  another opportunity is missed.

Nafaa Mohamed Salem

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