by Alif Daoud

As being Morocco defender by proxy in the Fish agreement, the PSOE of Spain gave up his right to remain silent. It agreed to plead guilty to a single count of conspiracy to commit robbery. It also agreed to cooperate fully with the French government in this regard, and it is undisputed that it did so, over the period of the five elapsing years.
In return for its guilty plea and cooperation, the PSOE made several promises, the most significant of which is that it agreed to donate some more "money" in favour of the Saharawi refugees.
Trinidad Jimenez and her boss Zapatero saw, in a trade-off legality with a void ab initio agreement, the maximum sentence for Morocco. It was the maximum sentence that could have been imposed even if Spain had constantly invoked its right to remain silent. The PSOE had refused to cooperate with UN legal statement, and had insisted on imposing on the EU community and in particular the Spanish people a dirty brokerage.
The renewal of the Fish agreement has uncovered that the Spanish political life is the direct result of ineffective representation by the Cortes, who repeatedly failed to act while the government violated the country's most basic commitments and went on in its bias error fundamental miscarriage of its abandoned former colony .
In a hostile take-over of the Spanish people willing and given such ineffective representation, the PSOE ran roughshod over International Community valuable rights bargained for in the UN Charter.

It is undisputed that the actions of the Spanish government infringe international law; however, the involvement of socialist party and its sister parties in an unethical behaviour such as this one is a further matter to be explored. The complicity of the PSOE in covering up the human rights violations in Western Sahara is of particular relevance in light of the conclusion of this agreement.
Politically motivated pillage has taken on increasing importance in recent years as the illegal exploitation of the natural resources of Western Sahara has emerged as a primary means of financing the dictatorship in Morocco. But Saharawi and popular European efforts to hold disreputable political actors responsible for this crimes or other nasty activities have been frustrated, frequently because of difficulties put by both French and Spanish governments.
Genocide and crimes against humanity are international crimes in which companies can be involved. The Fish agreement with Morocco will fuel an armed conflict. The EU pillage of the natural resources of Western Sahara will finance a regime in a war status, the worse is that it comes from stolen resources. The EU companies involved in this issue should review this business as soon as possible.
The EU fish agreement with Morocco reveals the vital role of the private sector in the exploitation of natural resources and the continuation of the hostilities. A number of European countries have been involved and have fuelled the Western Sahara conflict directly, trading arms for natural resources, which are used to purchase weapons. Countries and companies trading minerals, which are considered to be "the engine of the conflict in Western Sahara".
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5 comentarios:

Saharaui dijo...

Since the beginning of the Saharawi people struggle, the spanish socialist party has been acting against all ethics, against the wishes of their voters and the international law. Neutrality only appears in his speech for certain purposes and elctorales campaigns.

Ninety percent of the European licenses, to steal into Western Sahara waters, belongs to Spain. given the critical economic situation,and the low popularity that his party faces. is impossible for PSOE to differentiate betweenb what is ethical from what is not.

and until there is not an forceful response from our leaders, he will continue using the Sahrawi people as a bargaining chip in his international diplomacy.

Anónimo dijo...

It is very important to denounce and to condemn the plundering of our natural resources by the Moroccan regime and the shameful and, indeed, unethical complicity of the PSOE,s government. that complicity explains the support given these days by the Spanish government to the dictator and feudal king Mohamed VI
unfortunatly the plunder of resources is not limited to just the fish, there are also phosphate and tomatoes being sold to European democratic countries. The king will remain as their friend until he is ousted by the Moroccan people...as Ben Ali and Moubarak
Please keep writing articles like this one, we enjoy reading them and thank you.

Unknown dijo...

Oh really, so one should think that the popular party wouldn't take that road?

Anónimo dijo...

The PP has his own ways to do dirty business, may bad in one special view, but I do not think it will conclude such "plot" with the Moroccan regime, at least in short term.
Allaho aalem.

Castellano dijo...

First, congratulations for the article. Answering to ThirdKing, perhaps the PP would do similar things if they were in the government, but it hurts so much more, when a party (P$OE) that theorically looks for equality, for human rights, democracy and all that things, betray all their principles for having PERSONAL and PRIVATE economic interest on Morocco. That came from a party that promised in 1976 to stand with the Polisario Front & the Sahrawi people "until the final victory". I dunno if in the history of the world had been a treason as big as that.