The congress has reaffirmed our timeless love of country

by Damin Haidar

On December 22; 2011 our unity was reflected once more and the bonds we have to each other was once more renewed; as one people who have struggled over the last several years within the different storms that the world somehow created and controlled in the way that seems to be relevant, we have always weathered the storms and got out of them with a safety that we need to revitalized our efforts.
We know that our enemy is now weak and we are stronger and stronger ,yet we must always be vigilant and aware of the truth that the strength our people have is found in our founding on the ideal that we are equal and always united ,that the POLISARIO Front is only one of our hands and that our major concern is to continue what our martyrs started and keep the people always above all, that winning a war ,whether it is military or diplomatic ,depends entirely on people and that is why hero Alwali once said ‘’ our revolution has been declared ,for our people exist and there is no doubt that they exist”.
Once more Sahrawi people have demonstrated that the conviction of unity, the belief that they will get morocco colonist administration recognise their right.
Once more Sahrawi people have destroyed the cynicism that says we’ll be unable to have the same opinion if there is a little difference .
Once more Sahrawi people have called on every end of the earth to pay attention to them and look at their issue with some fairness.
Once more Sahrawi people have lit the torch that was and will be passed on to the next generations, and again restored vitality.
Once again Sahrawi people have showed the ideology of no groups; no tribes, no order and that we are one in our destiny.
Once more Sahrawi people have sent a message to morocco administration that only Sahrawi nation’s independence is the resolution.
Once more Sahrawi people have emphasized that throughout our history, POLISARIO Front has been our voice in this world but, never has been our heart, for Sahrawi people are the heart and mind of SADR.
The people are our major concern and our belief in the ultimate triumph of human liberty is our source of hope.
Damin Haidar

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