What does the burden demand?

by Damin Haidar

Who’s written this letter is a young person, trying to express his view about an issue that would have a negative impact on our destiny, unless we start acting boldly and seriously right now. The issue I am going to talk about was, aproximatively, treated by other article. This issue is the gap between our leaders and students. for too long we have seen students be put on side, prevented from participating in these people issue and it was either because of their ages or some failures that may have happened in past and which were due to the cooperation that wasn’t good enough, but let us remind ourselves of this, no success without failures that let us learn what to do the next time. And that was not the only reason for this gap that is actually rooted in past mistakes that must no longer be made in this new era where the little mistake would cost you a lot. When I was younger, I studied in Algeria and when I and my friends got a little older, we realised that we missed having something indispensable for our study period which was our family support , and none ignores the necessity that children should have such a support in their education, at the time I and my friends were persuaded that our situation did not allow us to enjoy such an advantage , but what we were not and aren’t able to understand is the enormous absence of responsibles .at that time, there must have been persons giving us the fewest support we needed, by encouraging us ,exhorting us to never give up ,trying to discover what points we had to strengthen and reminding us of what our people have expected, for over three decades ,from us and every single one who has responsibility. I am saying that ,at this time, not because I want to lay blame or to look back around, I do so ,because it is only by understanding how we arrived at this predicament that we will be able to lift ourselves out of it ,and only by doing that we will be able to prevent it from happening with the next generation, moreover it is extremely true and undeniable that we studied in a nation that has never wavered in its commitment to do whatever it takes to give us the support we need to demand our right ,but that is not enough, it is for our responsibles to do their part ,and usually duty is hard unless there is a tough cooperation within team. and before I end this letter ,i want to say that it is a great stride that you have given students opportunity to express their opinions in this congress and you would make a greater one when you get them closer and that will happen merely if you let them share you a part of the burden . I think we must understand that our case will success and reflect these people aspirations and get their right back merely if we have strengthened our unity that demands no gaps and full transparency between us . Let us remember that history mentioned that our fathers pushed out Spanish colonist forces ,in1957 and let us also remember that the martyr Alwali and his friends made magnificent and brilliant work when they announced our founding and fought side by side for years to get our right back but keep always in your minds , meanwhile there was the unity that prevailed and built between us ties that are unbreakable .
Finally students need you, and the failure you are afraid of and you think is because of them will not happen –inchalah-as long as you give them the support they need in such an exam .

People are our major concern and our belief in the ultimate triumph of human liberty is our source of hope.
Damin Haidar

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