History and its importance

by Damin Haidar

Since 1975, people who has been under occupation for too long, has been suffering the pain of the pursuit of their right, a right that must be given not only the best efforts, but what this right needs is your life and the highest sacrifice ever.
We have been in crossroads since our founders first launched the revolution with the hope to get our independence in just a few years; that hope now has nearly disappeared from hearts of many of us ,but the crossroads still exists; now today we must choose whether we go in the right direction or the wrong one, and because we know very well Sahrawi people, we know ourselves the second choice is almost unavailable ; however the road we must follow will be long and the climb will be steep and it requires important steps .

The most important one is to know how we can make this generation, somehow, study, very well, our history that has been left for too long, though it is known that history lets us not only avert the past mistakes, the next time, but it also reaffirms our ties to those who helped our people get free of Moroccan occupation.
Moreover the generation that I met, during my education period, were not only optimistic about our future; they had unyielding belief and a deep conviction that we will be free and get our independence, and so am I. so when you offer the best method to learn and relearn our history, those ties will be more and more strengthened and our love of country more reaffirmed.

This insistence on that we must interest in students (this generation and the next one) is because the young people and especially, students are now the most willing, in this new age, to confront Moroccan hostile and for the reason that this willingness might be either strength or weakness we must ask for help from people who have, a lot of times, tested the enemy’s manners so that this willingness never get negative. The help must be focused on teaching us history including the precedent faults we made in the past in order to avert them in the future.

Students now are the men and women who will bear the burden, years ahead; but they will never step forward unless they are pushed by those who have borne it since the beginning. What is required now is to get closer from each other and help each other and let us go beyond our personal discords, concentrate only on the task and keep always in our minds that history and the following generations will sear in their memory what we will have accomplished .let us embrace the responsibility we have for these people.

Today in a world that support more and more the values of human rights and self-determination, we must always show that our issue is fair , based on those values and there are people who need help and are denied their right in self-determination .we are stronger than ever before because these values are embraced by nearly all people around the globe ,and what is needed now is for us to do our part just like those who dated SADR on February, 1976, and had waged a revolution to pursue that day, and it was costly and politically difficult for our enemy to continue it, until they went to UN to stop it by engaging to make a referendum in which our people could determine their destiny . We need history.
People are our major concern and our deep belief in the ultimate triumph of human liberty is our source of hope.

Damin Haidar

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I´ve read your documentary,but please try to understand our situation because I think you are very far from it.your have concetrate just for the students and youngers that´s wrong the all people in refugees camps take over opisition, we´ve suffering during 36 years the tribalism,mismanagment and corruption. you´re wrong our unity is indestructible and we are very conscious the manners of the hostile enemy. that´s okay