"Say uncle or go to jail."

by Assahrawi Mohsalem

Ali Anzoula naively thought that scuffling with some Saharawis over how to see the conflict will embellish his embattled image in the eyes of the Makhzen. Thereupon, the "necessity" of writing so was not baffling, anyway.

However, it's doubtful that many, if any Moroccan journalist, thought ten seconds about writing about Polisario and argued for its passage.

Polisario and the Makhzen are in no-win situations, Ali Anzoula "with his infamous articles" proceeds to lose situation, in favour of his throne. Ali ignores the consequences of the situations. Journalists and observers who were present at the 13th Congress and who gathered data and predicted trends must know that the conflict's monotonic trajectory of media coverage forecasts disaster for the Moroccan media and that its propaganda will suffer greatly from the fallout in which the Makhzen and its pens collaborators have trapped one another.

Yet, the Makhzen doesn't seem to consider the ominous signs - just the opposite, lies that only draw mild rebuke. And of course, Ali Anzoula and others of the same caravan know the game very will: "Say uncle or go to jail.".

Assahrawi Mohsalem
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