The determination of generations guarantees independence

by Damin Haidar

Last week , the students of Sahara Arab Democratic Republic in the refugees camps that exist in Tindouf , held a seminar entitled ‘the determination of generations guarantees independence’ and which ended up electing who will be the chief of section in the middle region that is called ‘Elmahdi Zerga Ahmoud’ , the students who attended it were many , they were anxious about the destiny of their friends who had been illegally arrested by moroccan authority in the occupied territory (Abrahim Ashlaih, Ahmed Asherif, Ayoub Almansouri, Mohamed Berrak, Said Abeileel, Slaima Masa’ad) and they declared their support for them and their readiness to do whatever it takes in order to get them free , we also reminded ourselves of what had happened to those eight students on June 21, 1995 ( Nissan Mrepih, Baba La’arbi , Lakhel Abdelahi,Rahou Mahfoud, M’barki Ahmed, Beshraui Nabat , Buh Skiratu) who got also arrested because they peacefully protested and expressed their opinion , holding and repeating some national slogans . No matter how many moroccan authorities put or will put in jail , the plane truth and the lesson that morocco concludes is that the true source for Sahrawi longing for liberty has not been in some group of students in some generation , it has been a notion rooted in every generation that either we will have liberty and independence in our territory through a fair referendum of self-determination or our destiny will be a genocide .
The climate that dominated was love for the country that has been under occupation for over 36 years , respect and gratitude for the efforts that has been made by our military and political leaders , determination to free our country from those who illegally invaded it , undermined past agreements and violated human rights, torturing , putting in jail and killing innocent men, women and children.
It was an occasion for many of students to meet some of political leaders who each one gave comments which were some advices that students must never hesitate to defend their and their people’s right in defining their destiny which has been denied for too long because of moroccan intransigence and its expansionism intention and that injustice adopted by Morocco should someday come to an end and that the hypocrisy spread in Morocco national or international policy will never overcome justice in the world , they also reminded us of the heroic works and sacrifices made by our martyrs while indicating the kind of effort that SADR student should make today .
For students comments , they were about all what has been accomplished over the last years and how we can shift our manners in a way that serves our issue within and abroad. the students has come to the conclusion that we will faster be supported and understood by students around the world than the rest of people stages, because students are the only persons who have the instruction needed to recognize and accept our people right in self-determination, and there is no doubt that the students of Morocco who don’t reject the truth that knowledge provide them with recognize this reality.
THE NAMES OF PRISONERS THAT I MENTIONED IN THIS ARTICLE ARE THE SAME MENTIONED IN Martine Froberville ‘s BOOK WHICH IS "Le Sahara Occidental , le droit à l’independance" .
The people are our major concern and our belief in the ultimate triumph of human liberty is our source of hope.

Damin Haidar
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