France and Western Sahara issue

by Damin Haidar

The demonstrations that happened before some of French embassies around the world and specially throughout the European region was the beginning of the role of this generation and the future ones ,because French values lake the purity of their battle , it is something of ambiguity that we see them wear the tolerance and self-determination in some places while in other ones they don’t . The first to look at these irreconcilable decisions of French government and the aspirations of its people to be the citizens of  a government that reflects what they live with in their society and advances all the values that human rights depond on , precisely human dignity , self-determination , will imagine that it is just like some of hypocrisy values  . Yes , we can imagine that they would answer when their people argue them ‘we pursue our people interest’ but sorry , what you are looking for doesn’t have to come at these weak , illegally forbidden people from enjoying full sovereignty on their own homeland ,likewise the French government doesn’t get that they unconsciously  reach what they claim the interests of their people at the expense of their people , for the reputation and respect of this nation that is also a part of French people, I think ,is more important than the few gotten by repression , if not stolen, from our territory resources and our economic strength .
What someone like me can say is that there might be a big gap between French government and its people , now it is time for this French government to look beyond these short-term interests and shift its politics in a way that earns the respect of the world . Yes , France has its rich land and a strong size of military besides its membership in G8 but I, like many others, feel like this nation is still unseen when put with some of those giants on the political exam, in part this is because of the gap between the government and people in term of the foreign policy  and its decisions that has always been unfair and the clear example is Western Sahara issue when France has always exploited the power it has within Security Council to prevent the referendum Western Sahara people’s destiny deponds on .I think France would have more impact on the world’s people if its government respected its people’s will which doesn’t go beyond the slogan of French revolution ‘liberty , justice and equality’ so just as these have always been the aspirations of French people so they are western Sahara people’s . These principals rooted within French people must be exported broad by the government and whatever mistakes France has historically made ,the blame must directly put on its government, now the few days to come , France will have another political exam on the issue of western Sahara and we hope that they will ally with right and truth instead of hypocrisy and repression and the bright day, out of this darkness , will come.
The people of Western Sahara need all wagers of peace on their side in their fair cause , these people need to receive the same principles that have helped the other people to thrive , shaping this world but unless our people still haven’t gotten their independence , this world still need to be remade .
the president of the United States Abraham Lincoln  once said ‘he has a right to criticize who has a heart to help’.
Damin Haidar

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