The heinous sins of Antonio Guterres

The question of the illegal breach of El Guerguerat. 

 by Haddamin Moulud Said

In 1997 and in preparation for the referendum on self-determination, whose plan had been approved by the Polisario, Morocco and the Security Council, MINURSO submitted the so-called “Military Agreement No. 1” to the consideration of the parties for it´s approval. The two parties accepted the Military Agreement No. 1, as a mechanism to regulate the supervision of the ceasefire, while the self-determination referendum is being held in Western Sahara.

According to that Agreement, the parties assume the responsibility for their actions, which break the Agreement, taking place in the territories under their control in this regard, being the military wall built by Morocco the dividing line between both parties.

At the south-western tip of Western Sahara, Morocco has crossed the aforementioned dividing line and built a road that crosses the military wall itself, entering in the territory under Polisario control and reaches, through this illegal way, the borders of with Mauritania.

But not only that, since Morocco also decided to take advantage of this illegal gap to continue the plunder of the natural resources of Western Sahara, flooding neighboring countries with all the misery cannabis trafficking entails, of which Morocco is the world's leading producer, according to the UN itself and, at the same time, open channels and establish antennas with terrorist groups operating in the Sahel, filling their coffers with the benefit derived from international drug trafficking.

Hallucinogenic effects of cannabis brought about a miracle in Floor 38 of the UN building in New York, turning an illegal breach that facilitates the looting and pillaging of the natural resources of a Non-Self-Governing Territory, into an “ordinary traffic of people and goods” as stated by UN Secretary General himself, the ineffable Antonio Guterres. The ethical, moral and political misery of the infamous Secretary General has been exposed, as the Security Council refuses to use the same euphemism.

In 2001, MINURSO itself had classified the aforementioned road as a violation of the Ceasefire. But the current UN Secretary General has “whitewashed” that classification, turning it into a place of “ordinary traffic of people and goods”.

The Polisario denounces, before MINURSO, the violations of the Military Agreement that Morocco commits in the territory it occupies. Morocco does the same when the violation is attributable to the Polisario. 

But when such violations occur, not in the territory occupied by Morocco, but in the territory under the control of the Polisario, who has the commitment to correct them? This is what happens in El Guerguerat. 

The Polisario has waited for years for MINURSO to assume its share of responsibility and proceed to restore the initial situation. But in view of the fact that the infamous Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, far from forcing Morocco to respect the Ceasefire, pretends to whitewash that violation, the Polisario, in particular, and the Saharawi people, in general, have no other alternative but to act within the territory under their own control.

Consequently, when the Sahrawis demonstrate in El Guerguerat, they are not obstructing traffic, nor are they interrupting transit at any point. They are simply acting as advised by William Eagleton, UNSG Special Representative and General Claude Buze, MINURSO Force Commander in February 2001, warning that the construction of that road constitutes a violation of the ceasefire.

Haddamin Moulud Said
October, 26. 2020

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