What is better?

by Nafaa Mohamed Salem

To start these few words, let me recall the UN first Secretary General Trygve Lie’s words: «The UN shall never become stronger or better than its member states want it to be». The 2020 marks the 75 anniversary of the signing of the UN Charter in San Francisco. Hopelessly, this catches today little attention and generates no debate about how to make UN members follow the Charter obligations and honour their promises.

The current situation of the United Nations tells a lot of what Trygve Lie really meant. Main and powerful member states have frequently enfeebled and sidelined the UN charter and documents and have proved no interest in putting the UN in the center of attention.

The first Article of the UN Charter states that peace shall be established by peaceful means but that has been disregarded all the time. So there is no need to move to Article 2 as the first one continues to be violated since the very beginning and the violators of that are still at large. One small number reveals the bitter reality, the members only give the UN and all its agencies 3% of what they waste on armament and hostilities.

Western Sahara is an example that fits the best to illustrate the situation. Since 1963 the UN issued hundreds of resolutions let alone thousands of verdicts and recommendations. All of them reiterating the status of Western Sahara and the inalienable right of its people to self-determination.

All these recommendations and verdicts were only partly implemented, or, worse still, just pigeonholed due to the clear Moroccan stubbornness and intransigence. The UN moved no finger,nor uttered a sound, did not comply with its promises and regrettably did not have the courage to dissociate from these irregularities and became shamefully accomplice.

The Saharawi people and the Polisario Front are about to develop something far better than the UN Mission in Western Sahara, they may switch to war and close down the MINURSO as we know it today.

Nafaa Mohamed Salem

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