The Malabo Fortuity

by Nafaa Mohamed Salem

The Gulf kingdoms tu quoque argument is flawed in principle. It envisages the sovereignty recognition as based upon on a narrow bilateral exchange of little favours.

In Malabo, the argument whereby the fact that Western Sahara is not a UN member state offers no valid defence to the Palestinians. These same Gulf kingdoms had supposedly pledged to recognise a Palestinan Statehood. This argument rests qualitatively on the strategy created decades ago by the Zionist entity.

That is to say, this argument may amount to saying that breaches of fairness, being committed by this Arab lunatic fringe, justify similar breaches by the Zionists. I don't understand why they could not see that this argument is full of holes and is pointless and consequently is a dire threat to the Palestinian aspirations they have always been defending.

The showdown at Malabo comes amid the eventful transition now taking place across the African continent and the middle east, leaving Morocco’s strategic stands uncertain. Morocco has watched with concern as the poltical sphere in Egypt, Tunisia and Mauritania have created an unfilled vacuum in the traditional support to its claims.

The bid on the Arab petrodollar system has proven treacherous to Morocco. It has energized affinities on both sides of the conflict, fueled anti-Morocco return to the African Union, jeopardized Moroccan’s alliances and harmed The Arab’s Inter-African status. But rather than attempt to break the deadlock and rescue their Moroccan "Babe in arms" from this debilitating fortuity, the Arab fathers have resisted taking the lead.

Nafaa Mohamed Salem

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